Targeting Unevangelized Remote Regions of the World

By Land, Air, or Sea

September 2014 Update

We write once again in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are encouraged to see the Lord work in a very definite way in our family and ministry, for which we give Him praise. It has been our prayer to see fruit that may abound to the account of those who labor with us through prayer and support.


By way of testimony, in 2002, God first led me to Alaska to encourage preachers in remote regions who labor in little, unknown, remote churches. It was at that time that we traveled through the Native community of Kitwanga in British Columbia, Canada. After stopping for gas at the service station, I made a statement I will never forget (Keep in mind I had been in evangelism for two years after pastoring for nine years in a university town that had turned out to be less fruitful than I had anticipated).


It was there at the gas station in Kitwanga that I told Amy, “I am glad I am not a pastor here.” Her reply was, “Mark, don’t say that”. I said, “What do you mean, ‘don’t say that’? God wouldn’t call me here.” Then she said, “Mark, I wouldn’t say that.” I replied, “Amy, I can’t believe you would say that. God would never call me here!”

Well, guess what? This very village, Kitwanga, BC, is where we are now starting a little work. However, I will say that I am grateful and humbled that God has allowed me to come here and minister to these dear people. I think of the verse in Isaiah 55which states, “…my ways are not your ways…”, as well as in I Timothy 1:9 where it says, “…not according to our works...“ Please pray for Kitwanga and our little work there.


The attendance fluctuates from service to service. Sometimes just one or two people show up besides our family, and at other times more. In a recent service we had five first time visitors, two regulars and one person who comes occasionally.


The cults are very active in the region, but we have high hopes in this little Kitwanga outpost. Please pray for souls to be saved, baptized, and added to the Lord’s church. So far, we have had about 30 first time visitors since we opened the chapel in June. Please pray for the people who are attending our service. God knows who they are. He is working. We are praying for faithful families.

We are believing God is going to provide us an airplane so we will be able to reach many additional areas in Southeast Alaska and the coastal areas of British Columbia. We are in need of an amphibious aircraft (capable of land and water landings) that would carry at least four passengers and cargo. Please pray that God will give wisdom, partnership, and the equipment necessary to reach these people in remote Alaska and Canada that God has called us to reach.

Also, pray that we may find the safest, most practical, and most cost efficient ways to operate our ministry with the best stewardship possible. We are presently praying about where to base the aircraft. I would like to put it under our sending church if possible. There are a lot of logistics to think about when it comes to liabilities, costs, advantages, and government restrictions concerning operating an aircraft on the border of two countries and having the freedom to navigate both.

Bach Family Highlights


*Paul now has his pilot’s license, and we are praying and waiting on the Lord for his next step.

*Johnathan is receiving training as my assistant in Kitwanga along with Paul and Daniel.

*Daniel has been working on language and culture studies online in preparation for Sri Lanka.

*We thank the Lord for the graduation of two more of our home school students, Daniel and Sara. Both graduated in the top 10% of graduating high school students in the states. We are very proud of them both. Sara feels strongly toward missions. The Bible institute I graduated from in the eighties taught us the value of local church and home based training. We are training them all the way up. God is calling them and beginning to place them where he wants them. To God be the glory!

Thanks so much for your friendship, prayers and support. We pray that God will bless you for your benevolence and love. We were especially blessed to have our friends from WV, Ryland and Pam Nash, come and see us. We look forward to seeing more friends come our way in the future. May God bless you all is our continual prayer.

In Christ, The BEAM Team
                                                  July 2014 Update

I come to you once again in appreciation to those who have given and prayed for our ministry.  These past couple of months have been busy. Upon arriving back from our trip in the South and our missions trip to Israel, we have seen the Lord work and bless in a powerful way.

New Mission

God has opened the door to a new mission outreach in Kitwanga, BC. We now have access to a church building where we have been able to hold services on Sundays and Wednesdays. God is blessing this mission with visitors.  Our mission has the possibility for a long term ministry in Kitwanga.  So far we have had  8 visitors come in addition to our family.  Please pray for the Kitwanga Mission. Johnathan & Daniel are staying in Kitwanga and are doing a fine job helping build up this little work in this mostly native community. Johnathan is working as my assistant pastor.

God is also working in Paul’s life as well. Paul has completed his pilot training courses and has received four different licenses and other additional endorsements.These are his private pilots license, instrument rating, float rating, complex endorsement, high performance endorsement, multi- engine rating and taildragger endorsement all in 64 days! This was done with the great training of Bro. Jerry Clark of Phillips, WI and two other instructors in MI. When you subtract the down time due to an annual maintenance inspection on the airplane, not flying Sundays, and several days of bad weather, Paul actually completed all of this in 44 flying days. Paul is now certified by FAA standards to fly single and multi-engine aircraft up to 12,500 lbs. as well as float planes.  We really do appreciate those who have invested in this project;  and we look forward to God providing an aircraft so we can reach farther than ever. Paul is excited.  His instructors have indicated the Lord made it possible for Paul to do this in record time. Praise the Lord.

We are also excited about Daniel’s testimony as he has expressed a clear call to work in the country of Sri Lanka.

Daniel Bach will be surveying this great mission field to see what the Lord has for him there. We are encouraged that God is beginning to thrust our preacher boys into the great harvest fields of earth.

Now we are seeing God use Gregory, our fourth son. Greg is now doing some preaching and is encouraged about what God has for him as well.  Thank you for your prayers for this big family. God is working.

Please pray the Lord would keep us safe and sound, and that the Lord will give wisdom as far  as steps to take in this region. There are lots of places we can work, but we want to work where we can be most effective.

We appreciate the added support of friends that have decided to help us in this outreach. God had so faithfully helped us through the prayers and faith giving of all our friends.

         Sincerely,   The Bach Family

                                                  May 2014 Update

Greetings in Jesus’ name, Where has the time gone! One moment you are going along trying to get a date. Then comes your soul mate. The next moment you look back at those little lives growing up together. Then comes graduation and God’s call being done in their lives, and the cycle repeats all over again. We then sit back and scratch our heads at how quickly the time goes by. Yet it all somehow works together for God’s glory, and has a purpose in His sovereign plan. I praise the Lord for all that He is doing in our family and ministry.


Furlough went great. Some or all of our family had the opportunity to be in 50 churches from November through April and see many of our friends who help hold the ropes at home. Many of these churches were new contacts we were able to meet travelling to and from Alaska.  We praise the Lord for souls saved and some added to the churches while we were with them throughout the lower forty-eight states. We look forward to reporting to our other supporters as the Lord leads. We had some excellent meetings in our travels, and we appreciate all the great fellowship and love from everyone.   Many were encouraged by our children’s singing.  We thank the Lord for some who decided to partner with us in our work of remote regions evangelism and church planting, and also Israel outreach. 

A special thank-you to Cornerstone Baptist Church for the special blessing you were to the boys and to us with your generosity, as well as all the others who so bountifully and sacrificially gave. We are humbled and gratified.  May God bless you for your benevolence and generous care. Thanks to all who welcomed us, and for those who cared for this big family of ours. So far, God has called six of our ten boys to be preachers. Your investment in them will not be forgotten. We are laborers together in the great harvest fields of earth.

We thank the Lord for our oldest son, Paul Bach, who is presently in pilot training in Wisconsin. Paul has already taken his solo flight, and is excited about his future steps in preparation to be our pilot. In the next few months Paul should be completed with his private and instrument licenses, and also have a few needed endorsements as well. 

We thank God for BEAM and for the funding being made available by our supporters for this project. God is blessing your investment. 

On our way home to Alaska we were able to do Gospel literature distribution in one remote Native village, Nespelem, Washington, and also to do some additional survey work in a number of communities in some of the western States sharing the Gospel as we travelled. Your BEAM investment is greatly helping us. We are excited about our continued outreach in the remote regions of Alaska and Canada. 

Please pray for Johnathan and Daniel as they are praying about moving to Kitwanga, B.C. for summer ministry and starting Bible studies there. We will keep you posted on this. 

A special thanks again to our dear friends in Pennsylvania for the generous offering for our BEAM ministry. Bro. Barry, you are a super blessing!

In closing, may God bless you all for your love and faithfulness to pray for and support our ministry and our growing family. Thanks for all you have done and are doing.


 Mark J. Bach and the BEAM Team

March 2014 Update

Dear praying friends ,

We come to you once again in appreciation for the faithfulness in prayers and investing in our ministry to remote regions of Alaska and Canada and beyond.

God is blessing in many ways. We are seeing our BEAM Ministry blossom. First, Paul’s flight training  fund is covered as well the funding for this summer’s evangelism, thanks to our BEAM supporters and their faithfulness. Also, there are several churches (among the Baptist brethren) who are seriously praying about starting aviation ministries in their churches. BEAM is specifically designed to equip local church sent missionary pilots to reach out to places on earth that no one else is targeting. 

We are also thankful to the Lord for the great meetings he has given us as we have gone from church to church on furlough to both supporting churches as well as new friends. It has been as long as ten years since our partners in the south have seen us. God continues to stir hearts and encourage believers through the Word and song. 

We also want to report God’s blessing in saving souls recently. A young man was recently saved in a church service in Perry, Florida. Two teenage boys were saved in a juvenile detention center while we accompanied Pastor Nile Stine in Hernando, FL. A 91 year old lady received assurance of salvation as we went on door to door visitation for Pastor Dino Hatem in Davenport, Florida, among others. Praise the Lord for all the decisions made at the churches. It is such a blessing to have a small part in the work God is doing in the lives of these people.

We praise the Lord for the 10,000  Illustrated Gospel booklets printed by Mount Pisgah Baptist Printing Ministry in Oliver Springs, TN. Thank you, Pastor Walls and Mount Pisgah Baptist Church. This is very much appreciated Gospel ammunition!

We also look forward to our return to our field in Hyder to continue our ministry in Alaska and Canada. We plan to return at the end of April or early May. Please pray for Paul’s pilot training from April through June or July in Wisconsin. Also pray for fruit to abound to your account and ours in these latter days before the long promised return of our Lord. May God strengthen, encourage, and bless each and every one of you. We love you all, and appreciate very much your continued prayer, and also your faithful care by supporting our  family and your servants in the Gospel ministry.

May God richly bless you. A special thanks to those who hosted, fed, and blessed us on our furlough while with you. May God return your benevolence manifold. 

We look forward to seeing others in the future. Sincerely,